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Should I Be Using The Existing Skin Care Products?

The most obvious place to start was to try existing skin care treatments. And this was exactly what I did. I purchased super expensive items with celebrity names at fancy department stores. I purchased “all natural” creams in health food stores. I responded to ads I saw on late night television promising overnight miracles.


But none of these worked.

Even worse, some solutions had adverse side effects and caused allergies. Others simply did not do the trick, but got expensive quickly.

Since I was a nutritionist I wondered about the effect of healthy organic ingredients on my skin. After all, I spent countless hours reading, researching and studying with health care professionals. I also spent a lot of time helping my family members and friends with their health issues. Somehow I knew that my skills should help me find a solution for wrinkles as well.


One Day The Light Bulb Went Onbabl

I realized that I should apply the same holistic principles to the skin products. I decided to use organic ingredients.

There is no shortage of brands claiming to be organic already. The problem was some ingredients don’t play well with each other. While some may moisten the skin, they have a side effect of clogging pores and causing black heads. I wanted to see if I could get rid of wrinkles without creating a new set of problems.

Right there and then I began my experiment. I used myself as a guinea pig. Much to my surprise (and delight) I was successful.

The only wrinkle on my face was my smile. And immediately, friends and family noticed the difference. Everyone loved that it was organic, safe to use, and how fast it worked.

My friends urged me to make this product available to them. One joked that should not release it to the public. Much to their delight, I created a natural organic skin cream I later called Sofia Somen Body Balm.

My body balm rejuvenates the skin, heals rashes, dryness and cracks. Most importantly it has the most positive effect not just on the skin but on the entire body. And the best part is, there are no adverse side effects whatsoever! Sounds interesting? You bet


So if you give me just a few moments of your time
I will tell you the story of Sofia Somen Body Balm.
I will also tell you why it is a life changing solution for you.

button-for-ss-letter_aproveHow The Sofia Somen Body Balm Was Born

The story of Sofia Somen Body Balm began long ago. Since the antiquity its organic ingredients were famous for their positive and rejuvenating effect.
Beeswax, for example, was well known to the ancients for its healing properties. The 2000 year old Chinese medical book “The Shennong Book of Herbs” praised beeswax for its positive effect on blood and energy systems. It also attributed beeswax with beauty enhancement and anti aging properties. Besides, beeswax was instrumental in treatment of wounds and as a dietary supplement.
shea nuts
Indigenous Central American Tribes used Cacao seed butter in healing rituals. The Aztecs regarded it as healing agent, stimulating tonic and powerful aphrodisiac. One of the Spanish chronicles of that time, noted that use of cacao butter fortifies the body and spirit. They say that Montezuma himself regularly enjoyed a dose before visiting the harem.
Lavender too was considered as both the skin healing and an aphrodisiac by the ancient Greeks. They used to bathe in it to induce attractiveness and sexual appeal. It was also known for its calmative, stress reducing effect. Interestingly enough, it is used today in massage therapy to induce a state of relaxation.
Other flower that had a wide application in traditional medicine was camomile. People used Cammomile in treatment of wounds and skin injuries and to improve digestion. In ancient Egyptian sources mention it as a cure for fever, often called the “ague”. Egyptians also used camomile flowers on their skin for cosmetic purposes. The chamomile essence was an important ingredient in embalming oil for deceased pharaohs. Today people often take chamomile tea for stress relief.

Eucalyptus is yet another plant used by the ancients for its healing properties. It is a common cure all across the ancient middle east and far east and Asia. Author Jack Malloy describes it with his story “Eucalyptus for health and Healing”. “There was once a family in China, called the Lizard family. All its members exhibited scaly cracking skin resembling that of a lizard. The family suffered for years from this debilitating condition. One day a traveler came and applied eucalyptus leaves on the affected skin.”

Based on Malloy’s story the healing effect of eucalyptus was almost instantaneous. The family cured within weeks if not days. Growing up in Russia I too learned about the healing power of eucalyptus. I also learned about other health benefiting plants and foods. This happened because of the shortage of medicine and health care products in Russia. To substitute for what we did not have we used nature’s ingredients available to us. And not only in Russia. Many Eastern Europeans use natural and organic plants and foods that they had to take as kids to stay well. This was the common ways to stay healthy and strong. No one wanted to without use artificial and potentially damaging medicines and creams.




Now, it may seem that the ancient stories or the “grandmothers tales” that i shared with you have no scientific basis. At least not in the world of contemporary health care application and research. And yet, modern researchers too confirmed what the ancients knew all along. The basic organic ingredients found in nature have amazing healing and rejuvenating properties.

How Nature Heals Your Skin



Natural Beeswax for example, consists almost entirely of fatty acids and chain alcohols. It also includes large amounts of oleate esters, hydroxypalmitate, palmitate, and palmitoleate. These ingredients make beeswax key for maintaining skin texture and health. It helps to keep moisture in the skin and the right vitamin A content. It also helps to stimulate the production of skin cells while keeping the skin insulated from environmental dangers. Beeswax also brings to the skin the necessary antioxidants for a healthy complexion.

Besides being a remedy, beeswax has the double benefit of giving cosmetic restoration. This gives your skin a healthy and smooth look. Beeswax is also widely used for cuts, burns, and other wounds. It is the perfect ingredient for healing wounds.

Researchers in Maharashtra, India, conducted a study of 104 patients with first-degree burns. They compared honey and honey based treatments with gauze soaked in silver sulfadiazine (SS). After seven days, 91 percent of honey-treated burns were infection-free. Out of all treated with SS only 7 percent became infection free. After 15 days, 87 percent of honey-treated burns healed. This is compared with 10 percent of the SS-treated burns. Unbelievable results in deed!

No wonder that wound treatment maker corporations soon followed suit. The Derma Sciences Inc., a large New Jersey company recently began selling honey-based dressing. This is with the full approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


Another product whose healing qualities were proved by modern research is the Cacao butter. For example, some studies show that the cocoa butter is rich with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E. As such it is an excellent skin moisturizer. It is great for treating pregnancy stretch marks. Cocoa butter is also good for treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. This is why it works. The Cocoa butter creates a barrier between sensitive skin and the environment and helps to keep in moisture.

Also, cocoa butter contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP). This substance inhibits the production of the immunoglobulin. This aggravates symptoms of dermatitis and eczema.

Research indicates that CMP helps to suppress excessive T-cell activity in the immune system. This could help in treatment of immune system conditions. These include psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.


But it is not only the beeswax and the cocoa butter that the scientists proved to be healthy for skin. A study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology found lavender oil to be effective in treating skin diseases.

In particular it is effective in fighting pathogenic fungi by destroying the fungal cell’s membranes. The journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine confirms this. There it also suggested lavender oil to be most effective in wound treatment in rats. Similar studies, this time involving human volunteers, confirmed the healing powers of chamomile. Moreover, its flavonoids and essential oils penetrate below the skin surface into the deeper skin layers. This means that these essences can be used as a topical anti- inflammatory agent. They can also be used as a beauty enhancer due to their soothing and softening effect on the skin. So it is clear that beeswax, cocoa butter, lavender, and chamomile have beneficial properties. I am proud to say that all these ingredients are found in my Sofia Somen Body Balm.


To be honest many famous skin care brands also contain at least one of the ingredients that I use in my cream. Yet, most ruin the effectiveness of their product by diluting it with dangerous compounds.

Besides, my secret formula combines not just one, but many of these organic ingredients. And, they are mixed together in just in the right proportion. This was a major consideration in the preparation of my cream. I wanted for the ingredients to interact synergistically. I knew that it would increase their effectiveness and avoid potential damage to the skin. It took me a while to figure out the formula but once i did it, the results blew me away. My skin felt awesome and I could not wait to share this magic formula with my relatives and friends.

Now in the beginning, I did tell you that my formula was a secret. This is because the balancing the ingredients is a complex process. It is both science and art and it involves rigorous testing.

The ingredients, though, are not the secret at all. I am happy to tell you what they are so that you know that the cream you are applying is purely organic and healthy. Let me list the ingredients that you can find in the Sofia Sofia Somen Body Balm. Check this out!

These are the Organic Ingredients that Make Sofia Somen Body Balm a Perfect Skin Care Product:

Organic Soy, Organic Beeswax, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Cacao seed butter, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Chamomile extract, Organic Eucalyptus Oil.

This all it takes to keep your face, neck and the skin of the rest of the body to look up to 20 years younger!



Now let me be even more specific and tell you what you can expect when you start using this wonder balm. First of all, you’re going to see that your skin will begin to look younger and healthier. When you look in the mirror, you will have to blink as you notice the changes. But it gets even better than that. Be ready for your friends and relatives to start commenting on your appearance. And pretty soon, there is going to be a big smile across your face.




Sofia Somen Body Balm is rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. That’s why it will hydrate, nourish, and tighten your skin. As Sofia Somen Body Balm restores the natural moisture of the skin. It also creates a kind of a waterproof barrier that locks dryness out of your skin.

Orange Peel oil increases absorption of vitamin C, produces collagen and stimulates blood flow. Thats why you will see your skin tighten up rapidly and this, in turn will smooth the wrinkles. Clinical studies show that when applied regularly, the balm causes wrinkles to disappear. And it happens in a matter of weeks!

And not just the wrinkles, the fine lines and even the stubborn bags under your eyes will disappear too. The balm will decrease the effects of gravity! Isn’t this amazing?

But wait, it gets even better! Several of the ingredients in Sofia Somen Body Balm have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. These are effective in treating skin imperfections such as wounds, burns, cuts and abrasions. In fact, surgeons recommend these same ingredients for healing scars after an operation.

This means that my balm will be effective in reducing damage caused by environmental hazards. Also, It will serve as an antibacterial, and anti inflammatory agent.

Besides, the orange peel oil and other organic essential oils found in this balm have strong anti-acne properties. They also help relieve dry and itchy skin. You may not know this but we each have several layers of skin. Most creams only affect the top layer. The smaller size of the molecules in my balm have an amazing ability to penetrate the skin deep enough to reach its second layer, the dermis.

And this is where the magic will happen. You will not need to apply the cream too often since tthe skin will keep the moisture. And this is an added benefit to healing eczema and dermatitis.



While the body balm is great at treating existing conditions, it can also prevent them. Specifically, it will work against skin cancer as the antioxidant. The Balm’s has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. They will prevent cellular mutations which cause the growth of cancerous tumors.

Finally, the balm enforces collagen and elastin production. This heals minor burns, cuts, reduces swellings and insect bites. It can be used as a natural treatment for various skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

So before I encourage you to try Sofia Somen Body Balm, I want share the results of real people who experienced the magic of the body balm

button-for-ss-letter_aproveThese are Some of Testimonials:


Many people have had the opportunity to feel the healing and rejuvenating effect of Sofia Somen Body Balm. Now it’s your turn to try it.

The testimonial that matters most to me is yours. Apply it to your skin and I guarantee that you will see the results within minutes. Your skin becomes smoother. You look more nourished and refreshed. More importantly, you will look and feel younger.

And not just you. Those around you will notice the astounding change as well. Your friends may not recognize you at first. But when they do, they will immediately ask you what happened. Some might even whisper and ask if you had a plastic surgery or botox.

Your partner will feel more attracted to you. How can one resist such smooth and radiant skin? Your sense of confidence and positive attitude will grow. Whether you are a man or a woman you will look more attractive after using the balm. Not convinced?

How about I give you something that I call “the 5 minute mirror guarantee”. And this is how it works. You follow the instructions and apply Sofia Somen Body Balm on your skin. After you do, take a 5 minute break. Drink a cup of tea or pick up a phone and talk to one of your friend for exactly 5 minutes. When you come back, take a look in the mirror. If your skin doesn’t look younger, I insist that you return the product. We’ll provide you with a full refund right away. So with no strings attached, get the balm and enjoy its many benefits. We are all on a mission to look healthier and younger. Let’s do it together, today with Sofia Somen Body Balm.

button-for-ss-letter_aproveStill Not Convinced?

Still not convinced? Or, perhaps you are thinking why spend money on Sofia Somen Body Balm when the market is full of less expensive skin care products?

Most of the products you find in the stores contain ingredients that are actually poisonous to your skin. The companies know this but it is cheaper for them to put out products with dangerous chemicals to extend the shelf life. Even if it says “All Natural” or a well known celebrity says she uses it, I can guarantee these chemicals are present.

Only the words “100% Organic” is your assurance that there are no toxic chemicals in your skin.

Yes, this means we cannot produce in the massive quantities you’ll see in the department stores. Yes, this means that Sofia Somen cannot sit on your shelf for 10 years like those products with preservatives.

Yes this means that when we say our quantities are limited we mean it. And once you buy we can only guarantee availability to our customers.

So, if you are serious about your health. If you are fed up with the empty promises, disappointments, and failure of tricks and gimmicks. If you are ready to make a serious commitment to looking and feeling better, Sofia Somen Body Balm is for you!

Still making up your mind? You know you will not find Sofia Somen on discount racks in Department Stores. And that is telling. The costs of the cheap skin creams that don’t work and the money wasted on products you see on late night tv will certainly exceed your investment in Sofia Somen.

More importantly we take a great pride in our product and we can guarantee your satisfaction. Once you try Sofia Somen Body Balm you will be a fan for life.

button-for-ss-letter_aproveOrder now. Quantities are extremely limited.