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Misleading Labels On Natural Beauty Products

There are plenty of misleading labels on natural beauty products.

There are plenty of misleading labels on natural beauty products and cosmetics. See the article below for a few tips on how to recognize the ways that labels can make you think you’re getting an organic or all natural product when really you aren’t.

Misleading Labels on Natural Beauty Products

Consumers are demanding more natural products.

Unfortunately, the terms natural and organic on a label can be very misleading.
The following are some examples of misleading label information:

Beware of companies where the actual name of the company has the words “organic” or “natural” in its title. For example, we could name our company “Darby’s Organics” or Darby’s Naturals.” Unfortunately, if you read the product ingredients they are neither organic nor natural!

A product label will read, “Made with 90% natural Ingredients.” The first ingredient on the label is water. The alleged natural ingredients are mostly the water and water is a natural ingredient. Unfortunately the remaining ingredients are synthetic.

A product label will read, “made with all natural ingredients,” or “made with organic ingredients.” This leads the consumer to believe that the entire product is all natural or organic. Unfortunately, there is often just a small amount of truly all natural or organic material in the product. But technically the product is “made with” some small amount of all natural or organic ingredients so the claim is true, even though misleading.

A product label will read, “made with 100% natural ingredients,” or “made with 100% organic ingredients.” The “100%” claim often refers to one or two ingredients, which are “100% natural,” or “100% organic,” even if other ingredients are synthetic.

A product label will read, “scented with all natural lemongrass and sage essential oils.” But does the manufacturer list all of their ingredients? Often times the natural essential oils are mixed with fragrance oils for a stronger scent. Read a product’s label. If the ingredients includes the word “fragrance,” “perfume,” or “parfum,” then it is synthetic and not-natural, even though the packaging may say “natural.”

Question the words “safe synthetic.” Who actually determined these synthetic ingredients were “safe”?

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As the demand for organic products increases more companies will try to get away with using misleading labels on natural beauty products. It is up to the consumer to educate themselves and find out what constitutes a truly organic product.

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