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How Dancing Can Give You Beautiful Skin

Dancing the night away certainly lifts your spirits, but did you know that it can also give your skin a lift? Whether you prefer hip-hop, ballet or classic steps like the fox trot, dancing provides your body, mind, and spirit with a host of benefits and can also be great for your complexion. The skin not only covers the body but provides a tangible reflection of health and state of mind. When you are happy, your complexion glows, and you can get the same kind of glow from good health. While most exercise is healthy, not all varieties are as fun to do as dancing or express your personality and spirit.

One thing that can take a toll on your physical health and appearance is stress. How often have we heard someone talk about an acquaintance “looking good” or “not looking so good” as an indication of the amount of pressure they are under? When things pile up at work, things are tight in a bank account or our personal lives are in turmoil, our facial expression may be the first indication to others that something is wrong. Sooner or later, the stress shows up on our skin. Pressure can deprive us of sleep which can cause dark circles to form under our eyes. Our skin can become dry and flaky or we can break out in a rash or pimples when the stress piles up. Dancing is one of the best antidotes to the chronic problem of stress.

When we feel pressured, we want to move. That is why our pulse gets faster and we may feel like throwing something if the stress gets to be too much. This instinctive desire to move can be channeled towards a constructive, fun workout like dancing. You can dance almost anywhere. Simply kick off your shoes and turn up the tunes. You can practice dance moves you have learned or improvise by moving to the rhythm. Try dancing a little bit after work to take the pressure off before a relaxing evening. Dancing can be a great transition from work to home life and can get your skin glowing with relaxation and comfort.

Most types of dancing provide a cardiovascular workout, which means it gets the heart beating and the lungs working. This increase in pulse provides a number of benefits for the skin. Improved circulation gives your skin a rosy tint that can last for hours after your dance workout. A cardiovascular workout enhances general health which shows on your skin. The blood flow brings nutrients to your skin cells and helps flush out toxins through perspiration. That is why working up a sweat can be excellent for your skin. This increased circulation and perspiration cleanse the pores and help keep acne from coming back and can quicken the healing of skin problems.

The skin is vital for cleansing the body of impurities. The pores are a gateway between the inside of our bodies to the outside. When we apply moisturizer on our skin, for instance, it is absorbed through our pores and softens the skin. When we have impurities within the body, they are released through the pores. The beads of sweat that may gather on your upper lip or forehead during a dance routine can be the key to the detoxification of your body and your skin. The good thing is that your skin will experience the benefits from this.

One of the quickest ways dancing affects your appearance is with the smile on your face. Dancing lifts the spirits, which is good for physical and emotional health. A depressed mood can lead to wallowing in unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking that can rob the skin of nutrients and create wrinkles. The more you dance and enjoy it, the less time you may spend at the bar, which can result in a youthful glow rather than beer-soaked clothes. Your mood can be a major factor in skin health, and dancing definitely gives you a lift.

The type of skin benefits you can enjoy may depend on the type of dance you choose to do, although almost all kinds of dance have advantages. Fast-paced dance routines get the heart beating faster and can flush nutrients to your skin and impurities out of your pores. Ballet is less closely associated with cardiovascular health but is valued for the muscle tone and conditioning it provides. In addition, ballet demands discipline and a healthy diet that can also enhance beautiful skin.

If you are looking for something more creative than a regular aerobic routine with smooth and sexy beats, tone your body, burn calories and improve your skin with a Latin & Salsa dance program. The music and dance will get your hips moving in a sultry, measured way as you shift your weight from foot to foot. If you like the elegance and smooth steps of salsa, grab a partner and hit the dance floor. You can also perform a number of salsa moves solo.

Hip hop dance combines the best of both worlds when it comes to aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Its extreme moves and fast pace tone your muscles and get your lungs pumping. This helps you flush out toxins from your skin and gives you a glow.

Not only does belly dance tone your body with its belly rolls and swaying moves, but allows you to show off your healthy skin if you choose to wear a traditional belly dancing outfit. In addition, belly dancing will enhance your appearance by putting a smile on your face with improved confidence. According to one study, women who enrolled in belly dancing classes reported an improved body image as they kept taking classes. Belly dancing helped participants feel good as well as look good, and self-confidence is one of the best beauty tonics around.

You may invest in the best cleansers, toners, and creams, but you can also dance your way to skin health. The cardiovascular and toning benefits provided by dancing make your skin shine and detoxify and nourish the skin. Improved self-confidence and a sense of fun can also give your appearance a lift and provide you with a skin-healthy workout you will look forward to day after day.

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