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Consumers are Demanding More Natural Skin Care Products

Consumers are demanding more natural skin care products.

Consumers are demanding more natural skin care products.  This little press release on Market Watch tells the story of how your decision not to buy products with harmful chemicals has driven the large cosmetic companies to change their formulas and leave out the stuff we don’t want. It’s the story many of us have been waiting to hear. Now that companies know there is money to be made with organic products and “all natural” is no longer a niche market there will be a flood of new product lines to please the consumer.

Consumers Are Demanding More Natural Skin Care Products

The US cosmetic and toiletry market is driven by advancements in raw materials, including the greater use of more efficient delivery systems and nanotechnology; and the use of higher value raw materials (e.g., exotic essential oils and specialty surfactants) that may provide product differentiation or enhanced performance. Specialty additives, and emollients and moisturizing agents will register the most rapid growth in demand through 2016, as consumers expect higher performance from their cosmetic and toiletry products. Active ingredients in particular will post above average gains among specialty additives.

Organic, ethnic and antiaging products to see rapid growth

Several segments in the cosmetic and toiletry industry, including organic and natural products, male grooming, ethnic products, and anti-aging, are poised for rapid growth, directly impacting the mix of the chemicals used in their formulation. Once a niche segment, organic and natural cosmetics and toiletries have become more mainstream as concerns about personal health and environmental impact become more widespread. Men’s products, such as specialized facial cleansers and skin care items, and higher value shaving products and hair care preparations, will continue to emerge, providing opportunities for many ingredients, including moisturizing additives.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that it is the consumer who has driven the changes in cosmetic and beauty product formulas. Companies pay close attention to what we spend our money on. If you don’t want to use products with harmful chemicals and you don’t buy them, the manufacturers will have no choice but to provide what the consumers want. It’s clear to me that consumers are demanding more natural skin care products and manufacturers who want to make money will fall over themselves to provide them.

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