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Care for Aging Skin Naturally Without Chemicals

The desire for youthful skin is universal and products to help you achieve that goal are everywhere. However if you are tired of spending your hard earned money on products with all kinds of chemicals and not getting the results you want you may want to care for aging skin naturally without chemicals. We found a few great expert tips for natural skin care treatments on USA Weekend.

Care For Aging Skin Naturally Without Chemicals

If you can exude vitality, it doesn’t matter what date is on your driver’s license. The key to finding that youthful glow is to combat environmental damage, infuse nutrients into your skin and hair, and perk up your face with the illusion of a lift, says Loretta Taylor, director of spa operations at Skana Spa at The Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, N.Y. Sound impossible? It’s easier than you think.

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Protect your eyes.

Because your skin is thinnest around your eyes, it’s likely to be the first spot to show signs of aging. UV rays and free radicals make it worse. “Moisturizers with chemical sunscreen may irritate this delicate area,” says Missy Hughes, spa director at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island (S.C.) Golf Resort. Instead, opt for a zinc oxide or titanium-based cream that provides a physical sunblock without the chemicals.

Make things zesty.

Skin-cell turnover slows as you age, causing your complexion to look dry or washed out. Combat it with this peel once a week: Apply two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to your face using a cotton ball, avoiding eye area. Leave on 10 minutes, then rinse with tepid water. The acidity of the lemon sloughs off old skin cells to promote new cell growth, says Matthew Dower, spa director at Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Skaneateles, N.Y.

Brush your body.

Dry brushing removes dead skin cells, improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system, Taylor says. Result: radiant skin. Try this five-minute routine before your morning shower: Using a natural-bristle dry brush and gentle but firm pressure, stroke your feet in circular upward motions toward your heart. Then brush your legs, buttocks and stomach. Finish with a sweeping motion over your hands, back and heart.

Get glossy.

Hair tends to lose shine as you age. Once a week after shampooing, mix equal parts extra-virgin olive oil and your normal conditioner. Apply, leave in five to 10 minutes and rinse. Olive oil’s antioxidants help shield hair from sun damage, says Damian Viera, spa director of The Aman Spa at Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah.

Lift your brows.

Your eyebrows affect your face more than any other feature — and they tend to thin or turn gray as we age. “Your brows shape your face and set the canvas for your makeup,” says Laura Hittleman, beauty services director at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. Try using a brow gel in a tint similar to your non-gray brows, or fill in a sparse arch with a brow pencil in a similar hue. Defined brows give you a younger look.

Fade age spots.

Years of exposure to UV rays can cause dark patches of skin. To lighten these stubborn spots, says Jeannie Jarnot, director of spa operations at The Spa at The Carneros Inn in Napa, Calif., regularly apply a product containing Idebenone, a lab-created antioxidant.

These are some great tips for how to care for aging skin naturally without chemicals or plastic surgery. Except for the lab developed antioxidant you can get the younger looking skin we all want without paying a small fortune for harsh chemicals or popular brand names. Check out our facebook page for more articles on natural skin treatments and lots of other beauty information.

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