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Anti-Aging; Watermelon Snow Proven to Protect Skin Collagen

Red snow, also known as  watermelon snow is found in very cold mountainous regions. Scientists have been studying this unusual colored snow that sometimes appears a light pink and other times bright green color. What they discovered is very exciting and I’d like to share it with you today. Here is a video by that explains more about what red snow is and how it is being put to good use.

What is Red Snow Algae?

The Science of Skin Care

Truly effective anti-aging treatment focus on more than just the surface of the skin.  It is important to not only prevent future skin cell damage but to reverse damage that has already been done.

Intrinsic skin aging is the method that our skin ages from the inside out and is determined by the amount of collagen we produce.  As you age, your body makes less of this important protein which is responsible for flexibility and elasticity.  It is the component that keeps skin young and supple.

Cornelia Schurch-Stutz and her research team submitted data from their patent application which found that application of red snow algae neutralized intrinsic aging and preserved skin collagen.

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The applications for this ingredient are very promising I do hope studies continue on red snow algae and hopefully it will be put to many positive uses in years to come.


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